Monday, 10 December 2012

a winter morning

I leave my home wrapped in the smell of baked christmas cake, driving, steering through the darkness, the cars opposite like miners with headlamps, ready to descend into the pit, the trees line the hedgerows and point us forwards, driving, on this road there is no turning back, half-awake and half-asleep in this period of hibernation where the animals are tucked into earthy holes, suddenly when i turn there is the winter light, a hot globe burning, hanging low, just above a lace of black branches, hope and warmth where life goes on.


cynthia newberry martin said...

yes, the cars like miners with headlamps. I love winter mornings. Are these photos from 1982? I've enjoyed catching up with you.

lasuza said...

Lovely to read you Cynthia. I am love with winter mornings at the moment, low light, frozen earth, mmmmmmm.