Thursday, 3 May 2012

Basking in the blue

Been on the road, on the railways, tarmac and over-head wires, criss-crossing over land, through the rain - it seems to have been pouring endlessly. Wet, wet, wet. We met friends in damp Spanish mountains, drank cosmopolitans and café con lêche

People dodged puddles amongst the pollarded trees - that remind me of ink drops and midnight monsters (I am against over pruning). 

I caught a train from South to North, passed a shaven-headed surfer scented with thirty unwashed nights; a muzzled dog licked my foot as a fat woman swigging beer gave up her seat to a pin-thin old lady saying, "You have to think of the others". Rain, rain  on window panes. 

After, I ran theatre workshops, moved and imagined, acted and breathed; made ephemeral monuments, something from nothing, acting leaves no trace. It rained. At home, unpacked, washed, wrote. Celebrated with dandelions.

Made a brioche that did not rise. Made a loaf of bread that did. Finally, now, the sun's come out. We're basking in the blue.


Susan Kruse said...

Hello you! :) It was really nice to read your message on my blog. We have also had a ridiculous amount of rain, everyone is feeling damp and washed out. The day we see a blue sky again I think us Brits will all go crazy with relief.

I have the bliss of 5 days off this week, which, with the terrible weather is mostly being spent indoors. But reading and web-surfing is not such an onerous way to chill out :)

BTW I think the photographs on this blog are really lovely, I especially like all the iron railings.

lasuza said...

Thanks for your comment Susan. The rain ha also been crazy here in France, North and South. I am glad that you like my photos. I took all the iron pictures on a morning stroll from a hotel room to a bus-stop, the game was to photograph any worked iron. I was amazed at how much details I found in a five minute walk- I love picking up on a landscape like this, changing the way we perceive our enviroment.

Emily Brisse said...

Wow, what a whirl of images. Lovely. Glad I stumbled here this evening.

lasuza said...

Thanks Emily.