Monday, 2 June 2008

finishing things

I am trying to finish; to send the letter that I promised them with a quote for a price that they said that they wished would arrive before I finish putting clothes into drawers and folding knickers inside of fridges after I have breastfed a hungry child and given fresh soup to my hospital patient while I learn the words to a Spanish song and write another page of my story and hoover the dust from inside my brain and prepare the house for a family visit and clean the cat shit and try to understand my work teams behaviour and finish reading my chinese novel while booking my ticket to a  wedding in spain and deciding childcare for a hot day in august and giving up coffee yet sorting through little girl's too small dresses and there is never a moment when it can all finish as the woman at the end of the earth told me so many years ago, completion is death. 

1 comment:

redredday said...

take a breath, Lasuza. this is a great sentence. bet you got more things to finish by now.