Sunday, 4 May 2008

more heat

Yesterday the sun was hot and we lingered on the beach in the unexpected stifling heat. I hid with my baby in the shade of a parasol. Today was a tired sick day. I slept in musty silence as time drifted around me, the sounds of my living house stifled by my bed clothes . My bones ached, my throat hurt. I am rarely ill and my body surprised me by it's need for sleep. Three naps and I was still exhausted. Today I didn't leave the appartement but managed to shift ugly piles of laundry that had cluttered up our home. Cleaning clothes a thankless task that slides into infinity. Today I cannot think clearly, but can drink fresh vegetable and quinoa soup and eat white cheese sandwiches. Tomorrow I am working at the hospital, so now I must go to bed.


Marjojo said...

'musty silence as time drifted around me' - yes. Hope you'll feel good tomorrow and no laundry to do.

lasuza said...

No laundry Marjojo, thank goodness. There were endless piles of clothes after our trip away. I loved your poem, it touched me deeply. I miss Kruse not being here. Like a friendly face at a cafe who's no longer there. I hope she's enjoying the summer sun and watching her garden grow.