Wednesday, 7 May 2008

a day alone

Today a writing day at home. I reread the work-in-progress and then venture out in the brilliant May heat to do some research. The beach is scattered with bikinis. My feet pound hot concrete, my head buzzes with ideas about characters, destinations, meaning and time. I imagine my characters, reach out to feel inside their skin. It ripples. I sit in the cold, calm of the study room in the library and ponder over the history of this town, of these 'corsaires', official pirates who pillaged boats with autorisation in exchange for a share of the 'booty', split three ways between my town, the King and the captain and crew. I turn pages and then hit the streets a second time, drink a creamy latté and dodge the tourists crowd, their eyes glued to shop windows, feet dragging. Today a day alone, all alone. Me, myself and I and the May sun and my keyboard and the words spilling out, flowing; a mini world in creation.

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redredday said...

dear Lasuza, i love your mini-worlds. i wish for a book of them so i could have it by my side and be taken away whenever. gosh. so good. i am so craving for those eggs you mentioned in 'lunch' right now. practically drooling, i'm not even kidding. something about each piece of your writing left me understanding, connecting, and seeing more...

and thank you for your comments on my work. your words lingered with me for days, especially delighted coming from you. love your story of the bistro server coming out with the tray of spoons and spoons. me too, i like small nice spoons with desserts. definitely no forks. yuck. :p.
oh man, i'm debating if i should wait til tomorrow morning to have the hard-boiled egg or have it now. mmm.