Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Afternoon tea and other stuff....

Bitter black tea with a cinnamon twist philosophizes with a crumbling butter biscuit. The beverage and the snack keep perfect company with a sullen afternoon, a greying sky. Venus is partying with the sun today, the astrologers write reams about once-in-a-lifetime while I think of the teacup handle that my grandmother held, placing my fingers on bone china that she touched. Everyday we trace a pattern in the physical world, sew a hem of particles as we move. I like used things that have their own material history, think about my body meeting the one that came before through this object, a wordless rendez-vous. This afternoon, I leave a trail of biscuit crumbs, sip and listen to the washing spin.

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Marjojo said...

A wordless rendez-vous - like that a lot. Sometimes closer than spoken communication ever was. More like a tender touch maybe? Or a breath on one's skin? If it's someone we loved.
Glad to have found your link to Emily here, her text is lovely, took me right back too.