Sunday, 22 August 2010

what we do with time

Time. Bend it, stretch it, eat it up by glancing at watches, slow it down by observing fireside flames. Count time in stitches, laps, cooking minutes, sun and moon cycles, growing wrinkles. Time is what makes us know that we once began, that we are in the middle, that there is an end. Days and moments can feel like eternity and then children change overnight. You look around and they are no longer babes. You can make art from time and make time into art. You can be scared of time, like in a waiting room, or relish every moment, like a good slow breakfast involving people, newspapers, eggs, cheese, apricot jam, pretty napkins, green tea and then coffee. Time is repetitive, cyclical and then sometimes things happen which leave marks in time which makes a time start that never happened before. A new time. Childhood time is endless, flexible as a strawberry jelly fom a Spanish supermarket, especially before kids learn about death. My daughters say, " I will be like that when I am younger". Time, I want to make it last forever.


cynthia newberry martin said...

I love the shape and size of your posts--lovely little paragraphs full of words like apricot jam and moon cycles.

lasuza said...

Thanks Cynthia. It's funny how things are contained in a shape that fits. Like short stories, novels, poems, they are all made to measure a specific size. It makes me think of the idea that art is also about knowing when to stop.