Sunday, 12 October 2008

the sky

Today the sky stretched up until eternity, as blue as a dream and smelt of summer; sweet and warm and true. We walked until the tip of the earth, where water met land, and watched the people: bodies hugged grass and conversation drifted as the bees buzzed and the rocks sat in lazy pools of waves. We ate crepes and lime ice-cream at a beachside cafe, admired the black dots of surfers scattered in the sea. The sky sang on and we hummed to it's turquoise tune and wished that the day would never end. A gift from the gods, an Indian summer, an unexpected heat, the arriere saison.

1 comment:

redredday said...

i love this. so dreamy and pure happiness to me.
...have been quietly following your trip and was just reading day one's parts again but this time, in reverse, coming back to here. i feel like i have just traveled miles. i enjoy your writing very much.