Friday, 21 March 2008

the gale

It's blowing a gale outside. In the darkness of the night, gusts of wind are stretching branches till they crack. Inside we hear the whistling of the wind. It rattles windows, sneaks into the cracks and makes our house creak and moan. I am scared of this storm. From when we woke this morning until night time came, this tempete has been shaking our bones. It has blown this day from sunshine to grey hail to rain, dark inky clouds smothering the sky. The children sleep fast and I am too awake, too lively, too itchy, too much with this blowing wind. Perhaps I will  join the storm, danse in the chaos of the freezing gusts of rain. Let the water beat against my skin and laugh as the sky groans. Or perhaps I too will snuggle under warm  blankets and soft, soft sheets and drift into a dream. The gale outside is blowing, blowing, blowing. I hope that by the morning it is gone.


Kruse said...

Hey you, thanks for the comment-What I love most about this creative gift is the moment of communication. Which I know happens because we post something and others come and write,"I get that!" Which is lovely and precious.
Like Nathanial Bear-the best short story I have read for an age. I loved the image of the Great Bear and the Little Bear and Nathanial Bear beneath them, pondering the cosmos.
Did you have a good holiday? These last few days you have posted particularly brilliant writing.

Marjojo said...

I really like your writing, so condensed, concentrated, distilled, footloose and anchored, dreamy and real. I esp. like this one.

lasuza said...

Thanks Kruse and Marjojo for your comments - it's so very important to have these 'moments of communication'! Today I am tired, exhausted, having spent my night cradling one teething baby and one ill daughter. So I shall try for eloquence another day. Both of your sites have inspired me recently- Kruse I looked at all your artwork - wow ! and Marjojo the crochet poem is lovely, painful. I am reading Art, Women and Society at the moment - fascinating- and thinking of you both and 'women's art' and sewing, cloth and skin and blood, tenderness and tension and domesticity.