Friday, 22 February 2008

night time 2

Night time is inky blue and smells sweet and old like unwashed sweaters. I long to roll myself in stars and drift into the sky. In this darkness sounds are amplified. Floors creak with monsters footsteps and I drink the roughness of the blankets edge. But I am safe inside my boat bed  travelling through the stormy seas. I wrap myself in the infinity of my duvet. I snuggle and I cuddle and I curl and whirl and toss and turn. My bed is an ocean. I am swimming in my dreams.


Kruse said...

have a wonderful journey, wherever it is you are going to or coming from.
You awakened something buried and precious in me with your writing of baby bliss. Thank you.

lasuza said...

Thanks kruse. I am off this morning. Bleary- eyed, trying to remember all I might need for travelling with babes in the skies!
Enjoyed your clay pots yesterday - very eggy!

Kruse said...

Hey, thanks for nice comment on my blog. Especially when you have so much going on. :)