Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Tuesday morning

Another grey morning. Soft bruised winter light. We walked to the walled city and had coffee. On the way back I idled in the shops. Pulling on and taking off clothes, fabric meeting skin in the harsh bright white of the changing room. Time slipped by slowly this morning. Clocks ticking at a comfortable pace. It was only upon reaching home that I discovered I had missed a rendez-vous, a meeting planned weeks ago. The rush of yesterday and the early wakening this morning had erased all sense of organisation from my brain. Instead I drifted.

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cusp said...

God your words and the images they conjure are so exquisite, so rich.

Now I've found this place I'll keep coming back.

After a long hard day with children (much as I love them) this was the tonic I needed.

Thank you